1-Shot Versions

1.0.0: 8-27-2015 Initial Release

1.0.1: 8-31-2015 – Add FAQ. Fix Data Base Utilities back button.

1.0.2: 9-10-2015

  1. Fix Crash if dbRestore is attempted without first doing a dbSave.

  2. Changed Target Simulation to scale the target if it is engaged at a distance over 300 yards.

  3. Added long range pistol ammunition data for Barnes, Federal, and Winchester. They are available from Database Utilities → Import into Database.

  4. Improve readability of plot axes labels and data series labels.

  5. Improve readability of header information in the Ballistic Report.

  6. Added unit support for m/sec in Target Solution for wind and target speeds.

1.1.0: 9-23-2015

  1. Change the csv field delimiter in the Simple Ballistic Table to a comma instead of a semi-colon. It will now display correctly on Android devices.

  1. Added a new Shooting UtilityUsing BDC Scope as a Range Finder. This will will compute the ranges which correspond to the BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) markings for a particular size target.

To compute the ranges you will need to have the MOA or MIL data which correspond to the subtension markings. Some manufacturer’s provide this information on-line or you can send a message to customer support requesting them.

  1. Added a new output to Single Gun and Cartridge Show Scope BDC Distances. If you have a scope with subtension markings on the reticle, this utility will compute the trajectory ranges which correspond to the BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) markings for a particular cartridge.

    As above you will need the MOA or MIL data which correspond to the markings.

  2. Fix crash when the Up button is pressed in Environmental Corrections. The Up or Back button can now both be used to return from Environmental Corrections without changing them. The Done button should be used to apply the Environmental Settings.

1.1.1: 2-19-2016

  1. Add Support for Plastic Ballistic Tips when computing bullet stability. This uses the updated algorithm described in [A Stability Formula for Plastic-Tipped Bullets, Michael W. Courtney & Donald G. Miller].

  2. Change the Environmental Corrections page layout to display better on phones and small tablets.

1.2.0: 5-01-2016

  1. Add PDF report support. This includes support for both report tables and plots. The files are written to the 1Shot sub-folder under the Android Download folder. The filenames for the cartridge comparison reports will begin with either “Rpt_Compare_” or “Plot_Compare_” followed by a date and time stamp and the pdf file extension. The filenames for a single gun/cartridge report or plot will consist of the concatenation of the Gun and Cartridge names followed by the pdf file extension.

  2. Compute Density-Altitude and Elevation corrections in Yards or Meters for scope reticules or turrents calibrated for distance on the Target Solution page.

  3. Improved navigation between pages using the up button. The up button on several pages navigated all the way back to main page, rather than to a previous setup page.

1.2.1: 5-19-2016

  1. Add Spin drift computation output to the Target Solution page. Spin drift computation can be set to “No Correction”, “Right Hand Twist”, or “Left Hand Twist”. If computed, the value is added to the value presented in the “Wind + Spin Drift” column on the report. Note that the sight zero distance value of spin drift is subtracted from the value of spin drift at the target distance. To compute spin drift, the cartridge properties must have a bullet length. This can be added to the cartridge by doing a “long selection” on the cartridge and choosing “Edit This Cartridge Profile”.

1.2.2: 6-23-2016

  1. Subtract out Spin drift correction for range values less than the zero distance.

  2. Fix typo in the default value for standard air density in Environmental Corrections.

1.2.3: 7-5-2016

  1. Support screen rotation for all but the plot and target simulation pages. This allows the application to be used in either landscape or portrait orientation. This should make data entry easier on phones and small tablets.

  2. Provide the option of showing the trans-sonic region on single cartridge plots. The trans-sonic region indicates where the turbulence caused by passing through the speed of sound can disrupt bullet stability, especially for boat-tailed bullets. The ballistic predictions of drop and drift may no longer be reliable in the trans-sonic region.

  3. Fix text formatting for the Scope BDC and Scope Range Finder Help pages.

  4. Fix crash after exiting from the running boar simulation.

1.2.4: 8-19-2016

  1. Accept decimal input for the far velocity input value instead of just accepting a whole number.

  2. Correct Environmental settings for Metric inputs to show Air Density in Kg/m^3.

1.2.5: 1-9-2017

  1. Plots: improve colors and line weight.

  2. Increase maximum scope height to 10 inches (25 cm).

1.2.6: 2-11-2017

  1. Remove unneeded Android Permission: Read_Phone_State.

  2. Prevent soft keyboard from appearing on task start-up.

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