Running Boar Simulation

In the center of the background a running boar silhouette will be displayed.

The direction of the running boar is determined by the Target Bearing. Relative bearings to the right of the shooter (0 to 180 degrees) will show the boar running to the right. Relative bearings to the left of the shooter (181 to 359 degrees) will show the boar running to the left. A blue dot will be visible on the boar as an aiming reference. A target bearing of zero degrees is the boar running away from the shooter, and a target bearing of 180 degrees is the boar running at the shooter. No lead correction is required for a target bearing of 0 or 180 degrees.

In the upper left corner of the background is the partially occluded sight. It can be moved to the desired sight location by pressing down anywhere on the background and dragging. A red dot will show up in the center of the sight as an additional aiming reference. The sight alignment can be adjusted as many times as desired by repeating the above process. When happy with the sight alignment, press the Fire! button at the bottom of the screen.

The shot location will be shown as a red dot based on the input parameters set on the previous screen. To take another shot, select the Align Sights button next to Fire! at the bottom of the screen. You can then align the sights as described above again.

The shot results are also recorded at the bottom of the screen in the Vertical Bullet Result, and Windage Bullet Result boxes.

The size of the boar can be used to estimate hold over and windage correction. The boar is 14 inches from back to belly through the aiming reference. It is 42 inches from nose to its rear ham through the center of the body. It is also 20 inches from its nose to the blue aim reference dot.

To change the target parameters, use the back button to return to the previous screen, then select the Simulate Sight Alignment button again.

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