Shooting Utilities Overview

Shooting Utilities Overview

Selecting the Shooting Utilities button on the Main screen displays the Shooting Utilities screen. This screen displays the following buttons:

  • Change Scope Zero Distance – Computes the amount the scope must be adjusted (up or down) in MOA (minutes of angle). You must know the number of clicks per MOA. This is usually specified on the inside of the scope adjustment caps.

  • Muzzle Velocity From Chronograph – Computes true muzzle velocity from chronograph velocity.

  • Ballistic Coefficient From Velocity – Some manufacturer’s provide muzzle and down-range velocities for their ammunition but no ballistic coefficient. This utility allows you to determine the ballistic coefficient from two velocity measurements.

  • Estimate Ballistic Coefficient – A utility that computes an estimated G1 ballistic coefficient based on bullet shape. It is crude, and should be used only if no other information is available.

  • Compute Bullet Stability – Lead-free bullets are longer than their lead composite counterparts. This can result in bullet stability problems depending on the rifling twist rate. This utilitity utilizes Don Miller’s excellent work on bullet stability published in Precision Shooting. Exact bullet length is required to do the computation. Environmental conditions (especially temperature) also play a significant role in the computation.

  • Open Sight Adjustment – Open sight adjustment computation that utilizes distance between sights, target distance, and point of impact.

  • Compute Felt Recoil – A utility to compute gun felt recoil in Foot Pounds or Joules. The computation requires the weight of the powder charge and uses the SAAMI recommended bullet to gas velocity ratio of 1.75 for high powered rifles.

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