Database Utilities Overview

Selecting the Database Utilities button on the Main screen displays the Database Utilities screen. This screen displays the following buttons:

  • Save Database – Saves a copy of the 1-Shot Database on your device.

  • Restore Database – Allows a saved 1-Shot Database file to be restored.

  • Remove Guns – Any saved or imported gun profile may be removed from the 1-Shot Database.

  • Remove Cartridges – Any saved or imported cartridge profile may be removed from the 1-Shot Database.

  • Import Guns Cartridges – Gun or Cartridge (Ammunition) profiles can be imported into the 1-Shot Database. The files available were packaged with the 1-Shot application and may contain hundreds of entries. Federal, Remington, and Winchester factory rifle cartridge profiles are included. Other manufacturer’s may be added in the future.

  • Pair Gun Cartridges – Saved or imported cartridge profiles are associated with existing gun profiles. A cartridge profile can be associated with more than 1 gun profile.

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